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2023 Nurse Power Brunch: Essence Festival Edition

Nurse Power Network Brunch- 2023.png

   This event is for you if...

  • You are a nurse, nurse practitioner, allied health professional, or entrepreneur with a service or product for nurses. 

  • You are a tired nurse... you know, tired of 12 and 16 hours shifts, tired of micromanagement work environments, tired of feeling like you're not living up to your full potential, tired of the wear and tear physically from nursing duties, tired of the mental burnout with your career, or maybe you are tired of depending on overtime hours to live your best life!

  • You are a new nurse... learn at an early stage in your career how to use your POWER in nursing to beyond bedside care.

  • Build your network.

  • Connect with opportunities and resources to help you find, operate, & DOMINATE in your Nurse Power.

  • Ready to make intentional moves in your personal & professional life.

  • Learn ways to create multiple streams of income and start building financial wealth.

  • Learn how to build or scale your brand

Take A Sneak Peek Into Previous Nurse Power Brunch Essence Festival Edition below:

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The Nurse Power Brunch is the only brunch for nurses at Essence Festival who are ready to learn how to utilize their POWER in nursing to become millionaire CEOs, nurse leaders, authors, community leaders, and online influencers.

Here is Our Magic Formula:
      Essence Festival             
  • An audience of over 510k in New

      Orleans, LA. Expected to be more

      in 2020

  • 78% of attendees are women

  • 74% of attendees are college


  • Median household income of

      attendees is over $75K


  • Over 90% of nurses in the U.S. are


  • Nurses do a great job caring for

      other people, but they do not

      prioritize their own self-care &


  • Many nurses have turned to

      entrepreneurship as a vehicle to

      prevent career burnout

       Prime Location

  • Located in the historic French Quarter

  • In the heart of all the Essence Festival activities.

  • Ballroom venue that backs up to Bourbon St. with state of the art design at 4-Star


  Audience Breakdown:


  • Of Attendees are enrolled in college for

      professional career advancement

  • Attendees are continuing studies

      at bachelors, masters, and doctoral


  • Invest in developing their personal and professional brand.


*Data collected from 2017, 2018 , 2019 (combined) Attendees of Nurse Power Brunch


  • Of Attendees are nurse entrepreneurs or

      inspired nurse entrepreneurs

  • Are females

  • Have an average annual income of 70k

  • Travel at least 2x per year.

  • Are spend money on health & wellness, beauty, fashion industries. 


EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS WITH 250+ NURSES During The 2022 Nurse Power Brunch: Essence Festival Edition


Join us for the 4th Annual Nurse Power Brunch: Essence Festival Weekend at DoubleTree by Hilton on Canal St.


Gather around for great vibes, good music, entrepreneur resources to grow While here guests can enjoy an exciting shopping experience from business owners in our Vendor's Lounge.

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