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The Nurse Power Podcast LIVE!

Early Bird Tickets Are Available NOW!


   This Event Is For You If...

  • You are a nurse, nurse practitioner, allied health professional, or nursepreneur.

  • You're looking for a safe space for the nursing culture where you can show up as your TRUE & AUTHENTIC self and acknowledge YOUR ugly truths and make power moves all while 

      balancing life, love, & family.

  • You are a new nurse... learn at an early stage in your career how to use your POWER in nursing to beyond bedside care.

  • You want to build your network.

  • You want to connect with opportunities and resources to help you find, operate, & DOMINATE in your Nurse Power.

  • Ready to make intentional moves in your personal & professional life.

Take A Sneak Peek Into 2019 Nurse Power Brunch Miami: Nurses Week Edition below:

Take A Peek Inside The Nurse Power Podcast Live During The 2022 Nurse Power Brunch To Get A Feel For The Vibe.....

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