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Are You A Nurse That Believes in Self-Care? Check out the Self-Care Rx

When Was Your Company Founded?

I started Self-Care Rx in October 2018

What is The Story Behind Why You Started Your Business?

I was once an extremely burnt out ER nurse who wanted out of nursing all together. After some time off for my wedding and honeymoon, while also unknowingly putting myself first to prepare for my upcoming wedding, I started to notice my burnt out subsiding. I consciously made the decision to change my thoughts and start putting myself first. After beating burn out and feeling better about my job and myself, I began sharing my newfound freedom with my coworkers and friends. I felt free from stress, dread of going to work and compassion fatigue. After seeing my coworkers and friends also get relief from their burnout due to our talks I decided to create a brand based around it. Being a product junkie I know how amazing a good product that works can make one feel. That’s when I decided to create products that nurses can benefit from to help alleviate some of the struggles we go through to do our jobs.

What Products and Services do You Offer That Help Individuals?

My brand was created to empower, encourage and support nurses to put themselves first! My first product will be a barrier-moisturizing lotion created to soothe and moisturize our hands, and withstand the damage done after continuous hand washing. My second product launching soon after is a foot soak created to soothe and smooth aching feet after a long shift of standing and walking. If I can help alleviate some of the things we struggle with just to get through the day, my hope is that we can focus on the things that really matter, our mental and physical well-being.

Who is Your Target Audience?

Nurses! But I feel that everyone will be able to benefit from my products. The concept of my products are done with the needs and wants of nurses in mind.

What Has Been Your Biggest Lesson In Business That You Would Like to Share With Other Aspiring Business Owners?

Learning business as a nurse has been a huge learning curve. I often say while earning my MSN-FNP I am also earning a business degree. There is so much to learn, but stick with it. Don’t give up because the road gets tough or the learning curve seems like too much of a bother. As with nursing, hard work will pay off!

Why do You Believe in Nurse Power?

Nurse power is the power nurses possess to go above and beyond in healthcare. Nurses take on so many roles caretaker, therapist, counselor, referee, educator, advisor and the list goes on. Only nurses have the power to handle all these roles with such class and dignity. We cry in one room with a patient while celebrating a victory in the next room with another patient. Nurses sometimes do all of this with little recognition. That is why it is my goal to remind nurses of their power and remind them that in order to maintain their power at its highest frequency, we must recharge and put ourselves first.

How Can Customers Support Your Business?

They can visit my website which is 

Join our Facebook Group: The Self Care Tribe of Nurses

Follow us on IG: @Selfcarerx_

Remember Self-care is the best Rx,

Christal Parker

Owner/Found of Self-Care Rx

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