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Do You Love Your Scrubs? Learn why the founder behind the brand Love Your Scrubs says you should

When Was Your Company Founded?

My company was founded in November, 2017

What is The Story Behind Why You Started Your Business?

I started in the medical field as an Nursing assistant, working hard and many long hours. I decided to return to school, working my way up the ladder from a Nursing Assistant to a Masters Prepared Nurse. It was not an easy road, but one thing is for sure, it is quite rewarding. I have been in the nursing industry for nearly 30 yrs, over 20 yrs as a Registered Nurse. I feel more than qualified to understand the need and importance of wearing comfortable stylish scrubs. I came into the Uniform Scrubs business because one I want to leave a legacy for my children AND my children's children. Secondly, I wanted to provide a service to health care organizations and community that will impact how someone feels, increasing their morale in the workplace. It allows people to feel the best!...even in the workplace! Love Your Scrubs is Licensed and a Certified Organization holding high standard customer service as a priority!

What Products and Services do You Offer That Help Individuals?

We offer Medical Uniforms Scrubs from various brands and comfortable shoes to health care organizations, Schools, Day Care workers, Dental Organizations, Nursing Homes, Medical Offices.

Who is Your Target Audience?

Our target audience is Health Care Organizations and nurses.

What Has Been Your Biggest Lesson In Business That You Would Like to Share With Other Aspiring Business Owners?

Building a business is a journey that requires consistency and hard work. Always follow your dreams no matter how difficult it seems, keep going.

Why do You Believe in Nurse Power and what does Nurse Power mean to you?

Nurses are the largest most trust worthy profession in the nation. Trust is Power and highly influential. It is the main ingredient to Nurse Power which comes with high standards and mountains of passion. We serve in capacities that not only require an incredible  knowledge base, but high moral accountability, and integrity. Although Nurse Power encompasses all of these, TRUST like no other profession, is the main ingredient, which is why I absolutely admire the Nurse Profession.    

How Can Customers Support Your Business?

Please like us on FaceBook @Love Your Scrubs LLC Instagram @loveyourscrubs_llc Our website is

In Nurse Power,

Lee Johnson

Love Your Scrubs Founder

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