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Just What Is A Boss Nurse?

When Was Your Company Founded?

The Nurse Boss Aesthetic PLLC was founded in January of 2019. 

What is The Story Behind Why You Started Your Business?

The Nurse Boss Aesthetic PLLC was founded on the basis of encouraging nurses to take back their independence. It is important for nurses to realize that our job, duty, and potential extends far beyond the bed side. Here at The Nurse Boss Aesthetic we encourage and challenge nurses and aspiring nurses to change the narrative of nursing from bedside to world. It is time that we go from taking orders to giving the orders! Be your own boss! 

What Products and Services do You Offer That Help Individuals?

The Nurse Boss Aesthetic offers services consisting of tutoring, resume editing, paper revision, and 1 on 1 phone consultations. We offer a variety of tutoring topics whether it’s tutoring to prepare for the NCLEX or tutoring to help with that prerequisite Spanish class! Visit our website at to view and book our services! 

Who is Your Target Audience?

Our target audience is nurses and aspiring nurses who believe they can be the pilot of their own dream.

What Has Been Your Biggest Lesson In Business That You Would Like to Share With Other Aspiring Business Owners? My biggest lesson in business that I would like to share with other aspiring business owners is that success does not happen overnight. Be prepared to be frustrated, overwhelmed, on the verge of giving up, etc. but always remember, to much whom is given much is required and God would never put more on you than you can bare. So tighten up, smarten up, and kill it. A few years from now you’ll look back at those stressful moments and realize it was all worth it. Remember, no matter what you do always keep a strong team. A strong team leads to a strong business. Why do You Believe in Nurse Power?

To me, Nurse Power is a nurse who takes control of her own destiny. In many narratives, nurses live in the shadows of Doctors and it is time to show the world just how much of an impact we have on the care and provision of our patients. I cannot stress enough, you are NOT JUST A NURSE! You are THAT nurse with exceptional NURSE POWER! Keep operating on a level of prestige. 

How Can Customers Support Your Business?

Customers can support our business by booking our services and shopping our #NURSEBOSS collection on our website,

Follow is on Instagram @nursebossaesthetic 

Talk Soon,

Jade R. Green

Founder/CEO of the Nurse Boss Aesthetic

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