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Learn How Rosebud Healthcare & Training is Changing The Landscape of Healthcare Training

RoseBud Healthcare and Training was founded April 21, 2019 by Vikki Lee, RN.

Vikki Lee, RN had been doing assessments for different facilities and teaching medication administration for 7 years, but she never just put herself out there. She never advertised her offering, but rather received countless referrals from word of mouth. After Years of informally providing training, she thought to herself, "I promote everyone else, it’s time to promote myself".

Rosebud Healthcare and Training offers:

CPR, CPI, Medication Administration training, Daycare and Childcare-Health and Safety classes as well as nurse consultation for PCA, Residential Homes, Group Homes, Child and Daycare facilities, and MHR.

Who is your target audience?

Adult learners who work in the healthcare profession

What has been your biggest lesson in owning a business?

The biggest lesson in business for me has been I will never make everyone happy. Do the right thing, professionalism; great customer service skills and learning to let small things roll off my back will always

get you through.

What does Nurse Power mean to you?

Nurse Power is empowerment. It’s supporting and uplifting each other with everything within.

How can people contact you for to inquire more about your services?



Facebook: @rosebudht

Instagram: @rosebudhealthcare



Vikki Spurlock-Lee, RN, CCHC

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