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Nurse Week 2019 In Miami

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

For over 15 years, the nursing profession has consistently been voted as the #1 most trusted profession! Now if that doesn't make you as a nurse and the rest of the world truly realize the POWER that nurses have, we don't know what will. And to be honest with you it FEELS GOOD!

To celebrate, the Nurse Power Network is taking the Nurse Power Brunch to sunny Miami. The best part about it is the AMAZING sponsors who helped us make this dynamic event happen.

Learn More About Them Below! More importantly support them because they support YOU as a NURSE!

Thank You To Our 2019 Nurse Power Brunch Sponsors

Natty Nurses is both a lifestyle brand and blog that encourages nurses to enjoy doing what they love while looking good in the process. From makeup, water bottles, bags, stethoscopes and more we bring innovative, fun and stylish goods for nurses everywhere!

Precise Care Services is a Comprehensive Homecare Agency, Staffing Agency owned and operated by a Registered Nurse. Precise Care Services provides high quality homecare services to seniors from West Palm Beach to Vero Beach, Florida - Offering services ranging from Nursing to respite care. We are passionate about helping improve the quality of life of those we serve.

Also if you have not yet gotten your ticket for Nurse Power Brunch Miami grab your ticket NOW!

See You In Miami,

Nurse Power Network

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