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Take A Look Inside Grace Healthcare Scrubs...

When Was Your Company Founded?

Grace Health Scrubs was founded in August 2017

What is The Story Behind Why You Started Your Business?

I have been a nurse for 14 years and have been an entrepreneur for 6 years. My first business Grace Health Career Center was a health career training center specializing in fast track training in nursing assistant, CPR, and medication administration training. Just when I was getting started and had about 2 years under my belt, I had to temporarily close the school due to my doctor putting me on bedrest the last 4 months of my pregnancy. Unfortunately, at that time I didn’t have an effective plan in place for someone else to take over my classes and run the school. Even after I delivered my son I developed preeclampsia 3 days later and had to be rushed back to the hospital. Needless to say, business was the last thing on my mind.

However, a year later, after finally feeling like myself again I knew I wanted to get back to business. So I decided to start a new business that I could essentially operate from home, would still be relevant to nursing, and would be less overhead.

One weekend at work after wearing a pair of new scrubs, I thought about how much more confident and empowered I felt going to work in my fresh new scrubs. I thought that  if I felt this way, then most people probably felt better when they wore new and fashionable scrubs as well. The saying, " when you look better, you feel better" holds very true even in nursing fashion. After surveying a few colleagues and doing some research, Grace Health Scrubs was created.

What Products and Services do You Offer That Help Individuals?


Nursing Uniforms, Shoes, Lab Coats, Accessories

Brand Name Manufacturers including:


Vera Bradley


Med Couture

Nurse Mates

Koi Happiness

Adar Medical

Our Services:

We offer Convenience for the busy health care worker who doesn’t have time to shop in stores for comfortable, fashionable,and affordable uniforms. Mobile-friendly website to purchase products online. We offer onsite and mobile scrub shows to hospitals and facilities

Employee Apparel Program Audits, Pay Later options, Payroll Deduction, Group Embroidery Services, Affiliate Program, Scrubs Business Start-Up Coaching (Tina M. Payne Consulting).

Who is Your Target Audience?

Female Nurses 25-55 and Allied Health Training programs and Healthcare Facilities with 10 or more employees

What Has Been Your Biggest Lesson In Business That You Would Like to Share With Other Aspiring Business Owners?

You can’t do it all! You will burnout trying to it everything yourself. Start documenting your processes and procedures in your business early on so that when the time comes to delegate to someone else you are prepared.Free yourself up for those money generating tasks that only you can do. Also, you never know when there will be a life-altering event in your life and you do not want your business to suffer because of it.

What Does Nurse Power Mean to You?

Nurse Power means freedom to me. Nurses are powerful on every level. We have a vast amount of career options, and are taught how to multitask, prioritize and to think critically. These skills can be useful in almost every area of our lives. The POWER comes into play when we finally realize that we CAN do more than what we were told. I think so many nurses have dreams outside of nursing but are fearful to take the leap to explore other things. Outside of delivering my children passing nursing school and the NCLEX was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. There is nothing I can’t do and that is how all nurses should feel. Use your Nurse Power to ignite your inner dreams and go for it! Whatever it is.

Customers can find our business by going to the following links:

Phone: 513-372-1188

In Nurse Power,

Tina Payne

Owner Grace Healthcare Scrubs

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