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Yoga Anyone?

When was your company founded?

Nikky Scott Inc. was founded on 12/28/2016 under the name “Nikky Definitely” as a

blog-turned-community services projected development firm. The mission was to

develop community service projects that would add resources to the underserved

population, and offer assessable healthy lifestyle options. One of the projects is

called the Yoga Noir Project, which was founded in April of 2017. Nikky Definitely

underwent a name change in 2018 to what is now called Nikky Scott Incorporated.

What is the story behind why you started your business?

Nikky Definitely was created after the Great Flood (August 14, 2016) that affected

many in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. My house was one of the many

that flooded. I’d just transitioned from a career in academia to a work-from-home

case management position. This had its pros and cons; working from home allowed

me to be home to allow the contractors to come in and fix my home, however, being

there every day was stressful. I was also enrolled in a DNP program and trying to

muddle through, but eventually I had to withdraw due to my inability to focus and

keep up. Eventually I decided I didn’t want depression, anxiety, and feelings of

shame to take over my life and found a therapist. Around that same time, I began

blogging more. I named the blog Nikky Definitely. It seemed like the more I wrote,

the more I noticed the lack of resources. I wrote about my episodes of depression

and my eating disorder. I wrote about my own struggle with single parenthood and

experience at the homeless shelter. At the same time, I was hearing the stories from

the clients who’s cases I was managing, and began to realize what a mess healthcare

really was. I wanted to do something about the disparities, so Nikky Definitely

evolved from a blog, to a community service project development firm.

One of the healthy lifestyle options I’d adopted was yoga. I practiced off and on over

the last 10 years, but began to practice much more regularly after the flood. I would

visit yoga studios and notice the lack of diversity. In April of 2017, I created The

Yoga Noir Project as a way to introduce yoga to women of color. As a nurse, I see a

lot of people of color in the hospital, but not in wellness spaces. The Yoga Noir

Project was created as a way to correct that disparity. In one year, we were able to

introduce yoga to over 100 women of color in the Baton Rouge and surrounding


What products and services do you offer to help individuals?

The Yoga Noir Project’s current initiative is called Yoga for Your Health. Each yoga

class focuses on a wellness topic such as mental health, diabetes, communication

with your partner, and more. Our goal is to offer classes at an affordable cost, since

that is one of the barriers to trying new wellness options. We often participate in

community health fairs, with loaner yoga mats in tow.

Who is your target audience?

Initially our target audience was women of color, however, in 2018 we expanded

our target audience to people of color in the North Baton Rouge area, particularly

those who are underserved.

What has been your biggest lesson in business that you would like to share with

other aspiring business owners?

Business relationships are just a like any other relationship. Some will fail, and that’s

okay. This doesn’t mean that you should quit or that your idea isn’t a good one. This

doesn’t qualify YOU as a failure. Minor setbacks are lessons that are meant to make

you and your business stronger. Write about it in your journal and keep moving. Go

back and read it in a year. Reflect on how far you’ve come.

Bonus: Stick to your mission. It’s why you came on the scene, and that passion is the

thing that will see you through to your success.

Why do you believe in Nurse Power & what does Nurse Power mean to you?

When I think of Nurse Power, I think about my first job as a nurse on a MedSurg

unit. I was working a night shift with probably the best team of nurses I’ve ever

worked with. If there were 30 patients on the unit, we all had 30 patients. Nobody

struggled alone. Everyone walked off the unit at the same time in the morning. We

left no one behind. It was a great way to walk into nursing. That experience set the

tone for how I treat any team of nurses and healthcare professionals. There’s power

in numbers. There’s strength in teamwork. I truly believe that nurses can change the

face of healthcare if we all work together.

How can customers support your business?

Follow me on FB and IG: @nikkyscottinc and @yoganoirproject


Also, join us in our efforts by supporting us at

In the name of Nurse Power,

Nicole Scott, MSN RN,CCM

Yoga Noir Founder

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