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Creating Events With Your #NursePower


Are you a nurse, brand builder, or influencer who loves to plan events or experiences that bring entertainment, education and empowerment together? Do you want to produce events that the community rave about or with dope influencers, a strong team, or simply ready to know how the event industry works from backstage - If so, this training is for you! The Event Production industry is expecting to reach $1,552 Billion by 2028. So if you want to use your #NursePower to create events & quality experiences, be respected in the industry, trusted by talent and your audience you need to educate yourself first and gain knowledge of what to do step by step.


LET'S GET IT..... 


Grab your seat at our first LIVE online training, “Creating Events: with Your Nurse Power” where we will help you learn how to start, scale or organize an event for networking, business, festivals or more… Dr. Nicole Thomas and Meisha Amia will be teaching you how they came up with the idea, launched, and scaled their brunch to maximize profits with extremely little to no out of pocket expenses for 6 consecutive years without startup funding.



This is perfect for you, if you’re a business owner, freelancer or student that wants to launch a product, build a community, get more business exposure, credibility or even start an event planning career.

By The End of The Training, The Learner Will:


  1. Understand the foundational framework needed to build a successful event

  2. Have knowledge of creating an event budget that generates profits 

  3. Understand how to secure top talent that impacts event attendees 

  4. Identity critical marketing strategies to ensure ticket sales

What Do I get By Attending The Online LIVE Training?

  1. 2- Hours of non-fluff step-by-step directions on how to plan, organize, and execute events from A-Z.

  2. Event Planner which includes essentials templates such as budgeting, vendor management, event management, and much more.

  3. OVER 7 years of knowledge from both Nicole & Meisha on how to do events in REAL life and not after doing it one time (aka they really do EVENTS!)



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