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Nurses have experienced the highest level of mental health decline according to Mental Health America survey in 2020. 82% of nurses faced emotional exhaustion and 63% reported work-related dread. 


“I really wanted to help these women rediscover themselves outside of the walls of the hospital. Nurses feel that society expects them to save everyone, except themselves, and it’s time for us to encourage nurses to look out for themselves and create comfortable lives.” 

Meisha Amia, Co-Founder (source: 

“The challenge I faced was not seeing anyone that had really and truly done what I wanted to do before. That was one of the challenges because I didn’t really have a blueprint to follow. When I started to get into those executive nurse leadership positions, I realized that was another set of problems because I was often the youngest African American female holding this seat.”

        - Dr. Nicole Thomas, Co-founder (source: Black Enterprise)

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