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9 Practical Ways To Fund A New Business For Solopreneurs

When it comes to launching a new business ( no matter how small or big), you should keep in mind two key elements of success. A quality idea and a passion to work consistently to see those ideas come to fruition. In 2009, the SBA or the Small Business Administration stated that the average startup cost of a new business is $30,000. That was 2009. Since then, start-up costs are still very high. So how can solopreneurs get the capital necessary to launch a new business?

Let’s Delve Into Some Ways For Solopreneurs Get Their Hands On Some Start-Up Capital.

1. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding raises start-up capital. Instead of pitching ideas to investors on their own turf, crowdfunding provides a platform where you lay out your plan and business needs. This process employs the benefits of the internet and gives investors the opportunity to approach you. This is way more efficient than the traditional way.

2. GoFundMe

GoFundMe is an example of a crowdfunding platform commonly used for individual causes, there is no limit so you could definitely aim to raise funds for your start-up. GoFundMe is perfect for social sharing.

3. SBA Microloans

the SBA has a Small Business Loan Advantage program, where moneylenders are encouraged to create smaller business loans that host lower interest rates to businesses with qualifying credit scores.

What you need to know about SBA microloans is that they must be used for specific purposes:

· Equipment

· Furniture

· Inventory

· Supplies

· Or Working Capital

SBA microloans are prohibited to be used to procure real estate or to pay off pre-existing debts.

4. Kiva Microloans

This nonprofit is a microlender which offers loans with no collateral and 0% interest. This option is very appealing to new small business owners and solopreneurs.

5. Angel investors

Angel investors are usually wealthy individuals willing to help finance and invest in businesses. talk with your local chamber of commerce to find out about Angel investors in your area.

6. Contests to fund your Business startup

Though it may be hard to believe, there happen to be organizations out there who extend monetary rewards—and sometimes offer financing—for entrepreneurs and small businesses that participate in their contests. Each contest has its own eligibility entry fees, requirements and guidelines.

7. Product Pre-Sales

For businesses that sell a single product can raise money by pre-selling. the easiest method to gain the capital necessary for producing your product. Also, pre-selling helps ensure that you have appropriate stock amounts, instead of paying for storage of unsold goods.

8. Partners

Strategic partners are beneficial as they pool together resources. Also, the two partners will work in each other’s interest by working together in the same field. One business could send customers to your business. An example could be that a wedding planner may partner with a bridal makeup artist or photography company. The wedding planner could send clients to the makeup artist or photographer. Or vice versa.

9. A Mentor Approach

Listen up Solopreneurs, the road to funding a start-up isn’t easy. Expect some rejection along the way to acquiring launch money for your business. Another helpful hint would be to have a sit down with other solopreneurs or small business owners and get sound advice on how to find more creative ways to raise money.

It’s vital to choose a path that helps your business venture today but does not hurt your business down the road.

Living Purposefully,

Nicole Thomas, MSN RN CCM

IG: nicolethomasinc

Nicole is a educator, mentor, nurse, and purposeful living strategist to healthcare professionals. She has over 12 years of experience in leadership, healthcare management, clinical knowledge, and business acumen. Her mission is to help female healthcare professionals to awaken their God-given purpose as a healthcare professional through education and ACTION-ORIENTED empowerment. She is the Author of  the book “In Health, On Purpose! Awakening Your True Calling In The Healthcare Profession”. She is also the co-founder of The Nurse Power Network.

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