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Nurse Power Network Holiday Gift Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year..... which means it's holiday time! Can you believe it...... like 2020 is almost coming to an end and honestly we aren't sad to see it go. But enough of that and back to the most wonderful time of the year.

I have compiled some of my absolute favorite holiday gifts that is sure to have your loved one cheerful the entire holiday season and beyond. Check it out below.

Gift Guide for Nurses

1. Nurse Power Brunch Box: Holiday Edition

This fantastic self-care box for nurses was born out of the Nurses Power Brunch, the #1 networking event for nurses hosted by The Nurse Power Network. These goodies that you would normally get in person at the brunch, became a fantastic box now available to everyone when the Nurses Power Brunch had to become a digital experience this year because of COVID.

2. Badge Reels

These are the cutest badge reels you will ever see! My favorite part is that they have almost every single organ so that no matter what specialty you are in there’s something for you.

3. Work Bag

After relentless research, and viewing a lot of different bags that were termed “good for nurses” I kept coming back to this one. It comes in a lot of different colors, is roomy enough to fit a change of clothes, laptop, and binder, has little pockets for pens/ notebooks, water bottle side pockets, and USB cable design for us night shifters who always need to charge our phones. Additional perks are the padded shoulder straps and the fact that it is waterproof/ scrape resistant.

4. Pen

Let’s call it like it is; nurses are pen snobs. This pen is amazing! I personally use it. It is the best erasable pen I’ve ever used. It does not smudge, erases easily, is extra-fine point, and writes smoothly. It’s a click pen where you select one of three colors on the same pen: red, blue, or black.

5. Gift Cards: Coffee, Home Massage, Home Meals

These types of gift cards are something all nurses would love. Daily Harvest is a company that makes premade smoothies, soup, grain bowls, etc where only minimal prep is needed. Great for a nurse on the go to grab for breakfast or lunch while running out the door! Daily Harvest has a gift box where you can pick any 9 items for $75 and ship it to your favorite nurse! Coffee gift cards to places like Starbucks or Dunkin (whatever is on your nurse's way to work) will never go unused. A third gift card, that many nurses would enjoy is an at-home massage. Zeel is a company that is nationwide that offers at-home massages and has gift cards available.

6. Best Water Bottle

Yeti water bottles are some of the best and will keep your water cold for an entire 12-hour shift. It definitely is worth the money because they are durable and will last, and all of us are working on drinking more water.

7. Watch

I included this final gift item because every nurse needs a watch. Although it is a little more pricey, it is a great investment, and I get compliments on this watch almost once a week at work. It comes in so many beautiful colors. Mine is navy blue. I have had it for years now, wear it every day to work, and have only had to get the battery changed once.

8. IV Hydration Course

Many nurses are seeking ways to tap into their Nurse Power by starting their own businesses. IV hydration is a booming business within the health and wellness space that nurses can actually tap into. So check out My Health Assurance who has an amazing deal on their upcoming IV hydration course.

Happy Holidays,

Alexandra Skinner, MSN, ACNPC-AG

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