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Nurses Need Love Too: Four Side Hustles Nurses Can Do To Generate Additional Income

Regardless of your profession, we all need additional streams of income that allow us to live a life of financial freedom and to build wealth. However, for some nurses they feel as if nursing is a profession that won't allow them much time to create alternate means of making money for themselves. In addition, most nurse believe that fatigue kicks in after spending hours upon hours, tending to other people’s health and while that does have some validity, the reality is NURSES NEED LOVE TOO & nurses can create additional streams of income.

So, as you would like to know, here are 4 side hustles that nurses can do:

1. Wellness: This is a familiar territory that often doesn’t require extra training and doesn’t come often. There are organizations that pay money to nurses to administer their flu shots at wellness clinics. The shots are usually taken around September so you may as well start to look out for opportunities from now.

2. Freelance: You can apply your skills to a host of things and nothing makes you feel better than when you are working in your element and freelancing is that! With your skills, you can take up roles as a freelancer on some amazing freelancing sites like, and upwork. There are tons of services to offer to willing buyers and you can make some good money meeting those demands. Not to mention this is a good way showcase your talents beyond the bedside and show that you are more than a nurse.

3. Part-time caregiver: The geriatric and pediatric population often require a caregiver. And people would pay money for even more value given the fact that you have expertise on health related issues. You will be required to provide medical assistance to people in their homes and get paid for it!

4. Health coaching: This is one of the most natural things nurses find easy to do. You are grounded in the ideas of what is required to be healthy and people who want to make lifestyle changes are more than willing to pay you to work with them.

There are lots of side hustles that you can engage in as a nurse, hustles that are well within your element that you would feel at home doing. Some require no extra training and can be planned to fit your schedule. You deserve financial stability and you should get it!

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