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Stand Tall in Your POWER!

My name is Berenice, I am a Travel Nurse ( started in February of this year).

December 13th of this year will make it 7 years since I have been a nurse.

I have been surrounded by nursing since freshman year of high school (I was a Health Sciences magnet student). I went from being a volunteer at an ALF, to graduating high school as a CNA and EKG Tech. I worked as a CNA for two years, as a LPN for 5 years and almost 2 years as a RN now.

I have worked in various setting, all outside the hospital setting, such as : Assisted Living Facility/ Memory Care, Long Term care/ Skilled nursing Facility, Home health care ( admissions/intake, pediatrics and adults) , group home and Prescribed Pediatric Extended care ( PPEC).

I would describe my nursing journey as an uphill battle meets a roller coaster meets learning experience. Being young on the floor with no proper mentors for guidance and preparation for the realities of the nursing world. Burnout became my thorn in the flesh.

When I think of the term Nurse Power, I think of a nurse who is :resilient, stands tall in her character and abilities, someone who sees power to help others rise, someone who lends a hand to their fellow peers and contributes positively to the nursing community.

My advice to other nurses to help them with their Nurse Power would be : Stand tall in your power. Your power is more in your character and how you make others feel. Don’t forget to fill your cup first and remember that even the smallest way you can contribute to others with your Power could mean the world to someone else.

I may be reached at :

IG + Pinterest : @berrychicnurse


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