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In Health, On Purpose! by Clinical Nurse Expert and Healthcare Purpose Strategist Nicole Thomas is a purpose guide for the healthcare professional. The strategies in this book have helped dozens of healthcare professionals change their mindsets, adjust their language, and begin to identify and manifest the purpose of their call and how to fulfill it. 


There is a specific type of person called into the healthcare profession. This person has been hand-chosen by God and called to purpose to be the salt and light of the earth, and to accomplish important assignments in his kingdom—including, to heal the sick, encourage one another, and provide the intelligence and administration needed to demonstrate His healing power. But too often, that purpose is lost, and healthcare professionals are forced to conform to politics, ill-advised practices, and pressure by management for them to fit into specific roles, versus what they are truly called to do. The primary ingredients of the call to healthcare, which are one’s faith and knowledge of purpose, have been muted in the workplace, contributing to the mass exit of skilled professionals from the healthcare industry and a decline in morale within healthcare institutions throughout the country. 


In Health, On Purpose!  will help you walk courageously and boldly into your destiny as a healthcare professional, and do it unapologetically!

In Health, On Purpose! Awakening your True Calling in the Healthcare Profession

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