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About The Book:


When a life threatening illness led to open chest surgery, Meisha Amia aka MeMe decided she was built for the healthcare industry. Upon finishing college, she remained in Baltimore where she found herself at her worst. After experiencing career burnout and struggling with depression, MeMe signed her first contract to Atlanta. Mistakenly, MeMe thought for certain that her new contract would be her ticket out of trouble, but after being faced with a broken relationship and financial meltdown, she was forced to reevaluate her life. A new travel nurse in a new city dealing with a new illness that almost got her first contract cancelled. Deciding to find herself, MeMe sets off to DFW where she was sure everything would be bigger and better. It didn't take her long to meet a Southern charmer and for things to heat up between the two of them. A new career opportunity came her way, MeMe left DFW behind for Georgia, despite her fear of more financial depression. A year later, things took a shift for the better as she embarked a new travel journey to California. Finally she was becoming travel nurse business smart and understanding how to get the big checks. A new mindset planted in her as she reached financial wellness and personal freedom. She felt like a boss and she wanted to live up to it, with or without her scrubs. She started to build businesses outside of nursing and just when she was ready to focus on being an entrepreneur, her phone rang. With 50 grand on the line MeMe has to make the decision to take the next flight or stay at home to build her own empire. Will she go?

The Bedside Boss: From Scrubs To Six Figures

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